Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Happening!!

Finding Nora is available for pre-order! 


Nora Leslie never searched for love, but love found her. 
Nora’s twenty-year existence revolves around one thing— survival. One day, while substitute teaching at the local high school, she is faced with a bigger challenge than paying the rent. In a hail of gunfire, she makes a split second decision that saves the lives of her students and changes hers forever. 

Now, Nora is a suspect in the worst tragedy to ever strike the town. She is thrust into the spotlight the villain, instead of the hero.

But at her darkest moment, the light finds her. 

A chance meeting introduces her to Ryan Valore, a young law student searching to outrun the guilt of his past. With the world turned against her, Nora accepts his help, and the help of his roommates, a group of guys with pasts as dark as her own. For them, she is everything they never believed they deserved. 

This story has a pretty big twist to it. Nora meets the five boys, and falls for them. 

All of them. 

It's not your typical love triangle (I mean, pentagon) because I came to care for my characters so much, I couldn't choose which one would win her. That doesn't mean I'm leaving you with a cliffhanger, it means I'm leaving you with a relationship that looks a little.... different. 

Keep an eye out for Nora's playlist, twelve songs that inspired her story! It's coming soon. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


  1. Yasssss! Music! I cannot wait for the playlist, and for the book, of course!

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