Friday, December 23, 2016

Playlist and Pintrest

When writing, Finding Honor, I listened to a lot of different artists. Blue October is always a go-to. A well-worn glove that fits no matter what I'm doing. But editing took place over this really difficult election cycle, and the soundtrack to Hamilton pretty much played on an endless loop. It wasn't really conducive to writing, but I filled in the spaces between writing with Hamilton, feeling inspired by the characters and their struggles. The music, obviously, is beyond the pale. One Hamilton song made it onto my Finding Honor playlist, the heartbreak one....  

I wrote the book during the summer, and the weather often dictated my mood, too. Sometimes, on really warm days, I needed some kickass female rocker to help my main character, Nora find her backbone. Enter Wildwood Kin and Dorothy. Other times, I was pissed on Nora's behalf, and found Jack White did the trick. Below is a link to Finding Honor's playlist on Spotify, so if you are on Spotify, you can follow me there. But I'm also writing down the songs and artists, in case you want to search them out on youtube or whatever music streaming platform you use. The songs are in a particular order, following the arc of the story.

It's Quiet Uptown— Kelly Clarkson
No one's Gonna Love You— Band of Horses
Would You Fight For My Love- Jack White
Francis Forever— Mitski
Nothing Without Love- Nate Ruess
Not Broken Anymore— Blue October
Hands— Emily Jane White
Breathe Me In— Jared and the Mill
Great Big Storm— Nate Ruess
Don't Let It Get You Down— Johnnyswim
Warrior Daughter— Wildwood Kin

I have a Pinterest board for Finding Honor as well. You won't find character pictures there. Even though I describe Apollo, Matisse, Cai, Seok, and Ryan, they remain a bit nebulous. I catch a flash of their eyes, or dimples, or voices, but they're more personality and emotion than faces or real people. Still, there are some interesting pictures. For example, one of the places in the story, the library on the Canadian boarder, that place really exists. Nora read Nancy Drew in America while dangling her toes in Canada.

Feel free to follow any of my boards, but don't expect recipes or crafts. 

Have a great holiday everyone! Ripley


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