Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World Release

May 11th, I'm releasing a new novella, Slow Burn. The story takes place in the Dallas Fire and Rescue World of Paige Tyler. This has been a fun experience for me, using another person's world as a spring board for my own characters. 

I didn't know much about firefighters when I started, but diving into the world made learning about firehouses and fire teams a necessity. I had no idea people worked forty-eight hours in a row! How do the wives and husbands of firefighters manage? 

This has been a great experience, and I am totally in love with Daisy and Mase, my two main characters. The story is available on Amazon!

In the meantime, here's an excerpt to tide you over. 
Without another word, Daisy hurried past the other firefighters and into the waiting room. Mase was alone, knees jiggling as he waited. When he heard her, he glanced up and jumped to stand.
"She okay?"
His face was still dirty. His gear was piled messily next to him. Seeing that, her steps stuttered. Mase was usually so careful of his gear; to see it strewn haphazardly bothered her. Rather than answer, she wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face into his hard chest.
His shirt was damp with sweat, and she could smell himsmoke and salt and musk. His arms enfolded her, muscled biceps tight around her back.
"She's stable. We're treating for shock." Her voice was muffled against his chest, but from the sigh he released, he'd heard her.
"Thank God."
His heart thumped against her ear, and in that moment, Daisy realized how scared she'd been. Taking care of Emma, knowing she'd been with Maseit wasn't enough to have seen him standing in the ER. It could have been him on that gurney.
If something had happened to him…
"Come on." Forcing herself to pull away, she gripped his hand.
"Why?" he asked, confused.
"Has anyone checked you out?"
He stopped, his six-foot frame halting her as well. "I'm fine, Daise."
"Which one of us has medical training?" she asked, jutting out a hip and narrowing her eyes.
White teeth flashed in a dimpled grin. "Both of us," he replied but followed her through the hall and into one of the med bays.

Check out Paige Tyler's author's page for more great books in this world!


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