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Black Sky

Finding Honor

Nora's twenty-year existence revolves around one thing—making ends meet. But while substitute teaching at Alexander Twilight High School, she is faced with a bigger challenge than paying the rent. In a hail of gunfire, Nora makes a split-second decision that saves the lives of her students, and changes hers forever. 

Now, Nora is a suspect in the worst tragedy to ever strike the town. Thrust into the spotlight, she’s been cast as the villain rather than the hero.  

Yet in her darkest moment, the light finds her.

With the world turned against her, Nora accepts the help of Ryan Valore, a young law student. And everything changes. 

Ryan, along with his best friends, Apollo, Matisse, Seok, and Cai, are determined to prove her innocence. For them, Nora is the spark of hope they’ve been searching for. And they’ll do anything to keep it.

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