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Revolution and Rising

With every wish comes a curse… 

Polya survived the Hunt, but Anatoliy did not. Now the citizens of Konstantin are rising up, revolting against the king who tortured them and the royals who allowed it to happen. 

Mourning Anatoliy, Polya struggles to continue to fight. With Anatoliy’s dying breath, she finally made her wish, and still, the bear breathed his last. 

Except, the devil heard Polya, and granted her wish. 

Anatoliy lives, not as a bear, but as the soldier he was before he was cursed. Now, he has one mission—find Polya. 

As Polya makes her away across Konstantin, Anatoliy gives chase, determined to find her. Faced with the ruin King Aleksandr wrought, and the anger of the people, Anatoliy and Polya strive to find each other and survive.

But Polya’s wish had a consequence, and the devil is biding his time. Will Polya and Anatoliy be reunited? Or will the revolution rise up, and drag them all into hell? 

**This is the final book in the Wishes and Curses Duet**

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