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Finding Truth

Matisse learned the pain of lies from those he loved…can he learn to trust again?

Matisse Boudreau is the first to admit he's not great at understanding people. Yet, one thing he knows is true, Nora Leslie is worth whatever puzzle he needs to solve. As Matisse and his best friends settle into their relationship with Nora, things become clearer—forces are at work to tear them apart. 

Nora's been participating in a strange and mysterious psychological study, but she can no longer ignore the voice inside her screaming that Dr. Daniel Murray is more than he seems, and he does not have her best interests at heart. When Nora pieces together the tragedies that seem to be dogging her, she comes to Matisse with her fears, and he'll use all his genius to prove her instincts are right. 

With Matisse, Apollo, Cai, Seok, and Ryan all working together, they'll discover how truly dark the intentions of the doctor are, and how committed he is to keeping Nora in his sights.

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