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The Ice Bride

She crashed into their life, and changed everything. 

Betha lives for adventure. A photojournalist who’s used to taking risks, it takes a lot to surprise her. Then her plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and she comes face-to-face with her destiny. 

The Jötnar are born and bred as warriors, but the world has changed, and brothers Raynor, Grim, and Fenris have no place in it. Without a battle to win, they struggle to find meaning in their lives. Until Betha. 

One glance is all it takes for them to realize she’s meant for them, except for one glaring fact— Betha’s human. With a little help from a nosy relative, Betha, Grim, Raynor, and Fenris’s lives are changed forever. Will they accept what their hearts know to be true? Or will they deny the connection binding them together?

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