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Finding Valor

Forgiveness seems out of reach…

Never believing she’d fall in love, Nora’s relationship with Ryan, Seok, Apollo, Matisse, and Cai is everything she could want. The acceptance they offer is the only thing standing between her and a world that still hates her despite her innocence. Falling into a routine with the guys, she finally lets herself relax and dream about the future. 

The past won’t be forgotten… 

Suddenly, Ryan’s entire future is at stake, and a man from his past, one with good reason to hate him, arrives to take the things he’s worked so hard to build. Rather than fight, Ryan wants to submit, weighed down with the guilt he believes he deserves. Pushing Nora away, he distances himself from her and his friends, placing everything they are at risk. 

Are Nora’s love and the friendship of the guys enough to help him believe he’s earned the chance to be happy?

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